Home Hire Sunbeds in Tamworth


Now there's no need to go to the Tanning Salon!


Perfect Tan in Tamworth now stock the very latest 20 tube Vertical Tanning Units fitted with 200watt Salon Strength tubes! Available for HOME HIRE!


These are the Sunbeds that everyone's talking about. Specifically designed for Home use they are fitted with 2 x 13 amp plugs which mean they run off normal household electric! (Each of the 2 plugs plug need to go into its own socket, they will not run off extension leads or spurs)

Clean ~ Hygienic ~ Fitted with Overhead Cooling Fan to keep you cool while you tan!!

These Stand up Sunbeds only take up a floor space of 1 metre x 1 metre (3ft x 3ft)

Super Fast Tanning Salon Strength tubes guarantee you a "Perfect Tan" in the comfort of your own home! Most people see visible tanning results after the first few sessions!

Why go out in the cold for a Salon appointment?

Why queue to use a Sunbed?


When you can now get Tanning Salon Results in the comfort of your own home with Perfect Tan!

For Rates & Availability :- CALL Tony or Sonia on :-

07720 012 012 ~ 07776 366 330

or our office

01827 121444

Don't Delay ~ Call Today!!



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